Tales of Merong Mahawangsa


Zone 9: Interactive Fireflies Experience

Embark on a multi-sensorial journey to experience the mythological rise of the Kingdom of Langkasuka, now known as the state of Kedah. Sing to your heart’s content to activate the luminous orbs of magical fireflies. Gaze in awe as their flight fills the horizon with a brilliant glow.

Zone 10: Merong Mahawangsa VS Garuda

Find the courage to help Merong Mahawangsa aim his mighty Ayun-ayunan and defeat the fiery Garuda, made possible by interactive technology and projection.

Zone 11: The Rise of Langkasuka

Enter Tok Dalang’s magical theatre where the entire story of Merong Mahawangsa and Garuda is retold through the majestic traditional art of Wayang Kulit.