Event Space

Discover the perfect venue for your next unforgettable event with us. Our two exceptional spaces located within and outside the the theme park cater to everything from intimate gatherings to grand, large-scale events. Whether you're planning a cosy celebration or a spectacular festival, our versatile venues provide the ideal setting and our dedicated Enfiniti Events team is also available to organise your event for an extraordinary experience amidst the beauty and magic of Dream Forest Langkawi.

Contact DFL Events team for rates: nurbaya@enfiniti.com.my

Tree Village
DreamForest Festival Park

Tree Village

Prepare to be enchanted as you step into the captivating Enfiniti universe for your next event! The Tree Village is the ultimate destination for an extraordinary wine-and-dine experience, nestled amidst the breathtaking landscape of Dream Forest Langkawi. Whether you’re planning a sophisticated cocktail reception or a high-impact product launch, this venue provides an intimate setting that will leave your guests spellbound.

Tree Village

Join us at the Tree Village and create unforgettable memories in a truly magical environment.

DreamForest Festival Park

Welcome to the DreamForest Festival Park, where each zone offers a unique and enchanting experience for your events. From an intimate outdoor area surrounded by elegant platform decks, two stunning glass boxes, and a serene grass expanse in Zone A to a charming pavilion deck and enchanting flower arches, perfect for romantic and whimsical gatherings in Zone B. Zone C, designed for larger events with a capacity of up to 300 guests, boasts an impressive viewing deck and an amphitheater, ideal for grand performances and large-scale celebrations.

DreamForest Festival Park Zone’s

Discover the magic of each zone and create unforgettable memories amidst one of our oldest rainforests in Malaysia.

Zone A

Immerse yourself in the magic of Langkawi’s mountains beneath the ancient canopy of the Gunung Raya forest, a nature reserve over 100 million years old. This unique outdoor venue features expansive open spaces surrounded by platform decks, two stunning glass boxes, and lush grassy areas, offering an enchanting backdrop for any event.

  • Perfect for product launches, cocktail receptions, mini showcases, outdoor exhibitions, gigs, busking performances, picnics, car boot sales, and flea markets.
  • Venue size: TBC
  • Accommodates up to 150 guests.
Book Zone A and let your guests immerse themselves in the breathtaking beauty of this primeval forest park.

Zone B

Discover the charm and exclusivity of Zone B, an intimate space but open space for your next event. This unique venue features a circulation area ideal for staging performances and a spacious outdoor feature, blending nature with enhanced privacy in an elegant setting.

  • Ideal for a wide array of events including product launches, cocktail receptions, soirées, thematic dinners, live gigs, busking performances, fashion shows, keynote presentations, and also weddings.
  • Venue size: (to be confirmed with client)
  • Comfortably accommodates up to 250 guests.

Book Zone B and treat your guests to a captivating and private setting, where the natural beauty of Langkawi complements every special moment.

Zone C

Step into the extraordinary at Zone C of Dream Festival Park, home to Langkawi’s one and only coliseum-style open viewing deck and amphitheater. This unparalleled venue is specifically designed to evoke expression and captivate your guests. Imagine your event in a space that combines the grandeur of ancient arenas with modern sophistication, creating an enchanting spark for all who attend.

  • Perfect for an extensive range of events, including private functions, large-scale product launches, press conferences, cocktail receptions, theater and cultural performances, concerts, and film screenings.
  • Venue size: (to be confirmed with client)
  • Accommodates up to 350 guests.

Book Zone C for a stunning setting and exceptional design for your guests, ensuring a fun, surreal experience for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

Our versatile event spaces are perfect for a wide range of events, including private functions, product launches, cocktail receptions, mini showcases, outdoor exhibitions, gigs, busking performances, picnics, car boot sales, flea markets, theater and cultural performances, concerts, fashion shows, keynote presentations, and weddings.

To book an event space, please contact our Enfiniti Events team at nurbaya@enfiniti.com.my. Our team will assist you in selecting the perfect venue and planning your event.

  • Tree Village: Accommodates 80-120 guests.
  • Zone A: Accommodates up to 150 guests.
  • Zone B: Comfortably accommodates up to 250 guests.
  • Zone C: Accommodates up to 350 guests.

Yes, we offer a range of catering options tailored to your event’s needs. Our specialised menu can be customised to suit your preferences, ensuring a delightful dining experience for your guests.

Absolutely! We encourage prospective clients to schedule a site visit. Please contact our Enfiniti Events team to arrange a convenient time for a tour of our stunning event spaces.

Yes, ample parking space is available for guests at Dream Forest Langkawi. Our team can provide detailed parking information and directions upon request.

We offer a range of audio-visual equipment, including sound systems, microphones, projectors, and screens. Please discuss your specific requirements with our Enfiniti Events team to ensure we meet all your technical needs.

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own decorations. Our team can also assist with decoration services to match the theme and style of your event.

Events at Dream Forest Langkawi can be scheduled at flexible timings, but we recommend discussing your preferred schedule with our Enfiniti Events team to accommodate any specific requirements and ensure a smooth experience.

Our cancellation policy varies depending on the nature and size of the event. Please refer to our terms and conditions or contact our Enfiniti Events team for detailed information regarding cancellations and rescheduling.

We recommend booking your event as early as possible to secure your preferred date and venue. Popular dates tend to fill up quickly, so early planning is advisable.

Absolutely! Our Enfiniti Events team is dedicated to helping you plan and execute a flawless event. From concept to completion, we offer comprehensive event planning services to ensure your event is a resounding success.

For any other inquiries or specific details, please feel free to reach out to our Enfiniti Events team. We look forward to hosting your event at Dream Forest Langkawi.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Follow All Safety Instructions: Adhere to all safety guidelines and instructions provided by Enfiniti Interactive Experiences or displayed throughout the Venue.
  2. Emergency Procedures: Familiarise yourself with and follow the emergency evacuation routes and procedures. Follow the instructions of designated Event staff during emergencies.
  3. Report Hazards and Emergencies: Immediately inform designated Event staff of any unsafe conditions, hazards, or health emergencies.
  4. Maintain Hygiene: Practice good hygiene by regularly washing hands, using sanitizer, and following recommended health practices.
  5. Observe No-Smoking Rules: Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. This rule applies to e-cigarettes and similar devices as well.
  6. Adhere to Crowd Control Measures: Follow all crowd control measures and instructions from designated Event staff to help manage participant flow and density.
  7. Act Respectfully: Treat everyone at the Event with respect. Abusive, discriminatory, disruptive, or unlawful behaviour will lead to ejection from the Event.
  8. Secure Personal Belongings: Keep your belongings with you at all times and report any lost or suspicious items to designated Event staff immediately. EIX will not be responsible for any lost or damaged goods and/or property brought to the Event and/or Venue.
  9. Dispose of Waste Properly: Use designated bins for rubbish and recyclables.
  10. Adhere to Parking and Vehicle Rules: Participants arriving by car must use designated parking areas only. Follow all posted signs and instructions for parking and vehicular movement to ensure safety and order in the designated parking areas.
  11. No Illegal Activities: Participants must adhere to all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in participating in the Event. Engaging in illegal activities including but not limited to the possession, use, distribution, or sale of illegal substances, theft, vandalism, and unauthorized entry into restricted areas, is strictly prohibited. Any violations will lead to immediate removal from the Event, and potential legal action.