The Legend of Tasik Dayang Bunting


Zone 2: Dayang Bunting & the Invinsible Realm

Go on an immersive adventure and discover the legend of Tasik Dayang Bunting. Be captivated by the fusion of lights, music and scent of the Bakawali flower as you follow Mat Teja’s trail. The swaying Lalang lights and projection mapping form an enchanting walkway enveloped in nature.

Zone 3: Gua Cerita

The journey continues as Mat Teja looks for the wise Tok Dian, whose mantras echo hauntingly in the caverns. Experience how he comes to life with mesmerising Glow worms and projector lights.

Zone 4: The Quest for Mermaid’s Tears

Immerse yourself in a 360 animation video of Mat Teja collecting a Mermaid’s tears, as advised by the wise Tok Dian.

Zone 5: Cenderawasih, the Magical Bird of Paradise 

Step into the invisible realm together with Mat Teja. Experience a surreal adventure as Mambang Sari and the bird of Paradise, Cenderawasih, come to life through projection and mist.

Zone 6: The Union of Mambang Sari & Mat Teja

Watch the fairytale union and grand love story of Mambang Sari & Mat Teja unfold before your eyes through projections on an invisible screen.