Enchanted Evenings at Dream Forest Langkawi: A Guide to Discovering its Magic

The folklore and mythical stories of Langkawi, now come to life at Dream Forest. Join us on an adventure like no other.

Welcome traveller,

All good stories come with a little bit of magic. Ours began many moons ago, a tale of wandering and searching for a place to call home. In the heart of an ancient rainforest in Malaysia, we finally found the magical realm we’ve been looking for — a forest of lights, stories and legends, a place called Dream Forest on the beautiful island of Langkawi. 

Amongst the rustling trees, croaks, hums and chirps of the creatures in the forest, the penglipur lara (storytellers) gather to tell stories for both the people of Malaysia and our friends from around the world. But, before I, Sang Gedembai, tell you about the legends of the land, let me start by telling you a little bit about us.

Talking is fun, and reading is alright, but seeing and hearing the stories that make Langkawi the treasure trove that it is, is a whole other story (pun intended). Our story began like any other story, in the mind of a storyteller. 

Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina brought Dream Forest to life with the help of amazing creatives, tech experts and masters in the art of construction. With a little sprinkle of magic, Dream Forest was brought to life and opened to the public in 2023, quickly becoming one of the best places to explore in Malaysia

What Are We and What to Explore?

Under the shelter of towering trees, await adventure — an adventure that begins at the entrance to Dream Forest. From there, you’ll be transported into a realm of portals, mythical tales, and amazing adventures. You’ll be able to meet the giants of Langkawi, encounter the Legend of Tasik Dayang Bunting, and hear the tale of Merong Mahawangsa.

With a passion for local stories, we’ve put together this magical journey through a lush expanse of beautiful greenery. While we love the stories of the land, we’re also lovers of the environment. No trees were cut during the creation of Dream Forest, for I, Sang Gedembai, would not allow such harm. 

Where Are We Located? 

No need to search for hidden portals in train stations or magical wardrobes; Dream Forest is located on the beautiful island of Langkawi. Its convenient location makes it a must-visit destination for those seeking a magical escape without the need for elaborate journeys. Despite its magical roots, Dream Forest is rather easy to find.

When Is the Best Time to Explore Dream Forest Langkawi?

We are open Monday – Sunday, just as the sun sets at 7 pm until midnight. However, even magical lands need a break, and that means we’re closed on Wednesdays. So if you want to explore Dream Forest, book a slot and come ready for an enchanting adventure. 

We really do recommend that you book ahead of time to ensure you’re able to explore ALL that we can offer. Occasionally, storms may grace our forest, and this means we’re sometimes unavailable due to the weather conditions. However, we’re still open during light drizzles, with the right gear ready to take you on your adventure.

Ready to Embark on a Journey?

It is now time for me to bid you adieu. As guardian of this mystical realm, I extend a tender invitation to you — step into our world of wonder, where legends and adventures await. Until our paths cross, may your journey here be as wondrous as the tales that bloom under my watch. 

With mystical regards, 

Sang Gedembai, Guardian of Dream Forest

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