An Enchanting
Rainforest Night Walk

Where legends come to life

A magical multi-sensory adventure for all ages

Enter the Dream Forest Book Portal and be instantly transported into the magical realm of Sang Gedembai, the legendary keeper of stories and Guardian of the Forest.

Discover immersive wonders

Stroll along a leisurely 1.2km trail to discover Langkawi’s mythical tales, brought to life through mesmerising lights, music, projection mapping, art installations, interactive activities and narration.

Storytelling, nature and
a sprinkling of magic

All 14 different zones are carefully designed around the
natural environment without cutting a single tree,
to preserve the authenticity and beauty of our forest.

Let Sang Gedembai guide you through the
Portal of Dreams

and introduce you to these prominent
legends of Langkawi.

The Legend of Tasik Dayang Bunting

Immerse yourself in a tragic love story that has stood the test of time.
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The Tale of Merong Mahawangsa

Experience the rise of Langkasuka through
multi-sensory technology.
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The Giants of Langkawi

Uncover how a battle between giants shaped Langkawi’s landscape.
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